Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Favorite Republican

This is for PBryant ;-)

Chuck Hagel is my favorite Republican. While I disagree with him on many points, he's a good example of a rational conservative, something we need more of in this country. Didn't buy into the war, despite huge party pressure, and is willing to speak out when things are wrong. Loved his recent take on Rush Limbaugh!

I hope he's one of the Republicans Obama's talking to for cabinet positions.


P Bryant (aka JerryMagicKobe) said...

I'm honored! Hagel seems to be a free-thinker more concerned with making things right than making them "Right". Strong principles and stands up for what he believes in. He is a Vietnam Vet who voted for the war, but hates how it has been managed. He likes Obama, and would have been a good choice for VP. Strong candidate for Secretary of Defense.

T. Johnson (aka "24") said...

Glad you liked it. I just didn't want you to feel that I am against all republicans or conservatives.

I think the conservative principals of financial prudence are a necessary counterbalance to liberal ideology. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and the best solutions lie in compromises between them.

I just hate the whole "social conservative" agenda (which is dominated by religious and racial bigotry), and it's dominance in recent years over good, rational men and women of rational conservatism.

P Bryant (aka JerryMagicKobe) said...

I assure you, I am every bit as against social conservativism as you. It is not a hot button for me as much as it is just the obvious way that people should be treated. I might even go further on some of these issues than you. I guess we won't know until we delve into the wonderous worlds of the criminal justice system (especially vice - my favorite), welfare, healthcare, public schools, taxes, the millitary, and a few others.

I tend to lean right despite the social conservatism because I have this crazy belief that our society is stamping it out generation by generation by consensus rather than through political leadership. In fact, sometimes the more zealous champions of a cause do as much harm as good in terms of persuading the masses.

Regardless, religous craziness is down while individual rights and freedoms are up. When the big political outrage is whether same-sex couples are allowed to receive the bleesing of both church and state in order to protect their rights to marry, divorce, and parent children, it not only shows our biases and inequality, but also serves as a landmark of how far we have come. More to do, certainly, but the battle lines have been moved so far forward!

Seriously, as an intelligent person in the upper 1%, sometimes you have to forgive the masses beneath you. They have been brainwashed for Centuries by real experts at manipulation, and they have a hard time getting past that. And, having known a few of these simple minded folk, when it comes to this particular issue, most are accepting on a personal level with a friend, co-worker or family member, but not so much on the macro-level. In order for them to see the light they need patience and understanding and good examples - you know, like Will and Grace ;>). Even though many won't budge, their children will, and that is how change happens. Generation by generation.

Sebastian E. Encina said...

I have a friend who calls himself a conservative, and is trying to put this masterpiece together of what conservatism means. I read some of it, it is utter garbage. Not because of what it is, but his take on it.

He was attacking me during the election of how I could support anyone like Obama or Hillary, and how I read crap like the Washington ComPost or NY Slimes. He then suggested I read real, or factual material, like Ann Coulter. He also hated how people categorized him or made anyone fall into any categories, then turned around and attacked anyone he deemed a leftist liberal. Or as he put it, he likes taking it to the leftist liberals.

I like him as a friend, but he is so far up his own ass that he can't see his own biases, his own hypocrisy, his own stupidity, that it is hard to take him seriously. The idea that anyone could ever not think like him is beyond him.

The main issue I take not with conservatism but with the Republican party is the idea of helping out the Republican party. No, not doing what is best for this country, but what is best for Republicans. Tom Delay, the K Street Project, redistricting of Texas. Calling Democrats terrorists, God-hating people, the "liberal media," pitting this whole us against them mentality just to benefit themselves. This rhetoric does no one any good, yet it continues to be perpetuated.

There was a time when being a conservative meant being financially conservative, but now it has taken a turn to what you two have discussed here: social conservatism. That we are looking to the government to dictate and govern morality and society is appalling. What difference does it matter where I stick my dick? Do I need to follow different laws because of it? What do other people's religious beliefs have to do with my biological imperative, and why should that have any effect on whether I want to buy a house or not?