Thursday, November 6, 2008

I just want to say...

I don't know if it's the relief of finally having this damned election over and done with, or if it's the reality of another NBA season picking up steam, or perhaps it's the kung pao in the chicken, but here we are, a group of internet colleagues finally figuring out a new way in which to feed our lust for intellectual, smart alecky discourse. The only thing I wish to say at this point is welcome, and what a crazy world this is where something of this nature is even remotely possible. Where guys from completely separate walks of life in completely separate parts of the country are serendiputously thrown together to create an ever evolving, never ending work of pop art.

Myself, I'm a fiction writer, which by definition has no basis in any sort of fact or reality. I swear to god I could never create anything near this crazy.


T. Johnson (aka "24") said...

I Concur!

Welcome aboard David! I look forward to a long and interesting run.

Exick said...

In the book Neuromancer, William Gibson refers to cyberspace (before it actually existed in anything near its current form) as a "consensual hallucination". I actually enjoy that definition.

Welcome all.

This is a weird place to mention this, but right now I have the blog set so that only members (ie. people I've invited to be authors) are allowed to comment. If anyone thinks that or anything else about the setup/design/layout should change, let me know.

T. Johnson (aka "24") said...

We should definitely allow anyone to comment. I have invited friends to read and comment, and I hope all of you do too. I would like to think that some "outsiders" might be invited to join us based upon their commentary.