Thursday, November 6, 2008


Welcome one and all to our little home! 

I'd like to thank Exick (not his real name, but maybe he'll share that with us later), who was gracious enough, if unelected ;-),  to set up our new conspiracy of minds. Hopefully, more of our friends will arrive and begin sharing soon (I see David already has).

I'll try not to dominate the postings in the future (if I can control myself at all), but I wanted to make sure we got off to a busy start. I have invited several friends and relatives to check in on us, and I hope to hear their comments as we move forward. Please, if you are reading this, enlighten us with your presence and thoughts, and if you would, invite your friends to join us. I suspect that some of our commentators will ultimately end up as contributors, who knows?

For the uninitiated, the founders/ contributors of this blog come from a subset of a sports fan site. We were all drawn into a forum thread titled "Please Delete This Post". It is a third-generation homage to the original PDTP, which started out with a poster issuing this now-famous line after inadvertently posting a link that contained porn! What ensued in the original thread, and those that followed, was a "sublimely inane" series of thoughts, musings, rants, poems, links, and food menus, an organic community of anonymous souls posting in a stream-of-consciousness way that grew into our little phenomenon. Most of us are not first-generation PDTP'ers, but we hope we have kept the tradition alive and well.

Alas, the sports site in question cannot accept posts on controversial subjects such as race, politics, etc., which is understandable given its mission. We decided that we'd like to explore those topics more fully together, so that's why we're here, and why here is called Please Delete This Blog.

I hope every reader enjoys it as much as I know I will...

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