Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brennan Blogs: An Original Poem - Boredom


I am writing this because I am bored
Limited by my options
The one that fits eludes me… constantly

It’s afternoon insomnia on a Sunday
300 cable channels only serve to ironically remind me of all the inadequacy
I can’t stand television shows that are commercial free
I’m not fooled, they are trying to trick me
To believe that I don’t have to worry about being tricked
To buy some product I never wanted,
To make me believe I finally have that option picked

I am bored… reading… that’s an option… no, not for me, not for my generation
See, picking up a book has become the perfect metaphor for procrastination
Reading has become that thing some people do in between surfing the web
Choosing to stare at a computer screen like some zombie instead

I wish I had friends that could provide some relief
Escape from this boredom they too seek
Thinking they might spend some time with me,
Looking for those captivating options themselves, but can’t find any

My boredom has me watching a movie, I find myself among large company
Our search for life experience increasingly replaced by technology
An endless quest for constant media feeds, like that somehow replaces our needs

Maybe I own enough options, just the options I own are... well... boring
This world provides so many things to do
But, for some reason, if only today, I don’t want to consume
Makes me wonder what entertainment has no cost or price
Some friends think to go gamble, thinking to test their luck and roll the dice
Indian casinos provide an equal opportunity to lose our money outside sin city
At least there I can lose all my money in one night instead of being stuck in Vegas for two more days feeling self-pity

Then I would be bored for a whole weekend, instead of just today,
Wanting to waste my savings and forget my boredom some way
But then again, saving for what? A rainy day?
A day that might wash my boredom away?

I can go to some bar later on or look forward to drinking next weekend night
Where I will act interested in pretense and people who want to prove themselves right

Again, I am bored, because all these options limit me
They limit me into evolving into some person I don’t want to be,
But a person I have to become because I have no other choice
See, these options I have don’t give me the option to express my true voice

Instead, the choice is between different ways to consume and amass greed
Settling for technology and diversion, means to suppress our collective need to lead
Maybe it is the many, the bored, the true, that suppressed leader in you
Those who fail to lead, thus limiting these options I seek
Suppressing the novel ideas that we choose not to name such, but are truly unique

I am writing this because I am bored
I am a blank slate, an open soul seeking to do, experience, and create
I do not limit myself,
it is the world that attempts to limit my options and chooses creation to negate
But here I am bored staring at my screen, using my last bit of creativity
Which means I will remain bored, waiting for someone else to lead me...


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