Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music to share

Rather than posting a typical blog, I decided I just wanted to share music with the masses. I have nothing original to say, except "enjoy."

Below are 5 music videos for some songs I am enjoying at the moment. Some of them are not new, while some are newish. I hope to share more of these in the future as time allows. If I can't find a good video for a song that strikes my fancy at the time, I will just post the song itself.

And for some of these, the songs are better than the videos, but let's just give them a chance to become better directors and videographers.

Great Lake Swimmers with "Your Rocky Spine"

Mountain Goats with "Sax Rohmer #1

Architecture in Helsinki, "Heart It Races"

"Bag of Hammers" by Thao

Liam Finn, "Second Chance"

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D.A.A. Price (aka Elgin) said...

Cool. Always looking for new music.