Thursday, December 4, 2008

And justice for all...

What are we to make of the following report?

SAN FRANCISCO – Voters' economic status and religious convictions played a greater role than race and age in determining whether they supported the Nov. 4 ballot measure outlawing same-sex marriage in California, a new poll shows

Age and race, meanwhile, were not as strong factors as assumed. According to the poll, 56 percent of voters over age 55 and 57 percent of nonwhite voters cast a yes ballot for the gay marriage ban.

The poll also showed that the measure got strong backing from voters who did not attend college (69 percent), voters who earned less than $40,000 a year (63 percent) and Latinos (61 percent).

Yahoo: Poll: California gay marriage ban driven by religion, uneducated

This, to me, is not shocking. Maybe it is because I do not subscribe to any religious following and because I actually took the time to educate myself (maybe
that has to do with my non-religious morals) that this poll does not surprise me.

I don't want to start making any large and inaccurate generalizations here, as that would do no one any service. That is not the point of this post.

What is the point? I don't really know. The results of the poll, as I said, are not shocking. What is shocking is that there are so many people in this world, in the United States, and in this case, California, who would cry incessantly that their television and shopping rights were taken away, but couldn't, wouldn't bat an eyelash that two people, people they don't know, will never know, and will never come across, cannot get married. And they will vote to take away this option even if it means more funds for the state, for cities, for municipalities.

And why? Because they believe in a different god? Because they are murderers and thieves? Because they want to overthrow the government and rape the children? No, it is because gays do not fall into this nice, comfortable, false sense of the world religions have concocted for their followers. The world can be relegated to certain, unchanging categories; things that do not fall into those categories are dangerous, evil, and should be feared. There is no possible alteration of those categories.

What is it these people, these gays, want? Is it really any different from the rest of society, the rest of us "normal" people, get on a daily basis? Are they asking for anything beyond what we take for granted?

"Take for granted?" you may ask. I have seen reports showing that among married couples, Christians are more likely to divorce than non-Christians. How could that be so, if it is Christians who hold marriage so highly? Yet their marriage would somehow be threatened or lessened because two men want to have legal rights to visit each other in the hospital, inherit estates, and so on.

So why not give them these rights, but just not call it 'marriage'? Because that still sets them up as lesser citizens. Separate but equal would not fly for any other ethnic or religious group, yet we are supposed to believe it would be fine for gays?

And if it is just a matter of a word, 'marriage,' why the big fuss? If it is just a word, as it is, why not share it with everyone who marries?

If gays are considered a separate class of citizens, why should they be bound by the same requirements? Why should they continue to pay taxes if they are not allowed the same rights and privileges as the rest of California tax payers, or any US tax payers? Why should they, or anyone, continue to support a government that does not allow them the same personal choices and defense as others?

What is even more atrocious is that the matter of civil liberties, fundamental rights, are taken away from other human beings. That such matters would be put up to a vote is horrendous and appalling. Why should people be allowed to vote whether other people have basic rights? How do I convince myself that I can make that decision for another human being?

Normally, I would roll my eyes at the mention of rights, as if they are somehow bestowed upon us by an omnipotent being with a kind and righteous heart, but in this case we are acknowledging that there are rights, and somehow only a select few are special enough to receive them.

In the end, all people want the same rights that are shared throughout the society. If one group does not enjoy those freedoms, then all groups should not enjoy those freedoms. The only reason it is being pushed in people's faces is because it is being denied to them. Worse, it was granted to them, and then taken away again.

Are gays different? If granted this right, will they try to change society? Will they try to take over the world? Or will they, like so many before them, just assimilate into society, pay those taxes, invigorate neighborhoods, go to church, buy televisions and fast food? You know, the same as the rest of us evildoers.

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